Director of Gender Justice & Education


Primary Responsibilities

  • Maintains regular contacts and connections with local, regional, and global denominational
    leaders focused on women’s empowerment and leadership development
  • Project manager for curriculum design, resource development, and distribution of various materials
  • Regularly invited to train or speak for regional and national groups (average 5 per year)
  • Packages and communicates all GCSRW-related resources websites and other media

Communications (Content Creation and Promotion)

  • Supervised translation, publication, and distribution of literature on gender equity
  • Led writing & publication of new expansive language Bible study for local congregations
  • Cultivated relationships with denominational and secular media sources for maximum impact
  • Managed graphic design and layout work for publications, webpages, & promotional materials
  • Created and hosted webinar training series for church and denominational leaders
    • Used social media to advertise and recruit; boosted participation from 25 to 100

Program Leadership, Project Management and Administrative 

  • Coach and train leaders of 50 regional (status of women) committees
  • Created and maintained database of regional and global leaders
  • Surveyed United Methodists to identify resistance to gender equitable language
  • Supervised translation and distribution of literature on gender equity
  • Developed policies & procedures for inclusion and leadership development of women
  • Executed ongoing and annual program evaluation to ensure achievement of organizational goals
  • Initiated strategic organizing partnerships in seven countries in three global regions
  • Developed policies and procedures for strategic inclusion and leadership development of women


  • Two positive annual evaluations with majority of ratings at “exceeds expectations”
  • Completed work and resigned to move to Atlanta, Georgia
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