Current Work

I’m blessed to work with Living Room – an organization that houses people from across metro Atlanta who are living with HIV/AIDS.  This mission matters to me, because it takes care of people who have disadvantages, or who have been rejected by our culture.   This mission is effective because:

  • Housing gives people dignity
  • Georgia has an embarrassingly high rate of new HIV infections, and they cluster in communities who are traditionally marginalized.   These include:
    • African-Americans,
    • LGBT persons with special risk in communities of African-American gay / men who have sex with men (one report indicates  that as many as 1 in 2 will be diagnosed with HIV in their lifetimes)
    • Hispanic gay / msm (the same report concludes that risk is 1 in 4 for Hispanic gay men)
    • Transgender women (AMAB/MTF),  and people living in poverty.
  • Housing discrimination is illegal, but common.  HIV Status, gender identity, and race remain all too common barriers to safe, affordable housing. Living Room ensures that regardless of socio-economic factors, every person living with HIV/AIDS finds housing.

I’m also proud to work with the only agency in Georgia who promises to find same-day emergency housing options for any person living with HIV/AIDS who comes to our office.

As with every other NPO in the world, we always need to do more, and could use your support.  Check us out today!