Unfiltered: who broke gender?

This was written in response to someone claiming that white men are angry because feminism  oppresses them.  The original Facebook post included a link to the book The War Against Boys.  Which is claiming that all this pro women stuff is terrible for the “innate” characteristics of masculinity (thereby, terrible for all “men”) …


I really respect your concern for how we are raising boys, and the damage that is done by much of modern society. I am not going to pretend that all women’s rights advocates or movements are the same, or prefect. But I cannot fail to defend a movement which permits me to hold a job, have a credit card, grow up in the 80s never reprimanded for playing with Legos, reduced hugely the social shame about choosing a single life, made space for my love of women, and opened the doors to talk about how we as culture teach men to suffer silently, act as providers without back up, and deny themselves of person expression if it is certain colors (pink) or mannerisms (lisps, twirled, etc) .

But when a favorite child is no longer treated with special privilege, it IS going to feel mean, unfair, even persecutory. It makes no sense to blame the other child for that feeling of loss.

Perhaps if we look at why schools demand so much sitting of small children (underfunding -> lack of supervision or lack of playground is real), maybe we can challenge the economic system which squeezes most humans into terrible positions so we will provide compliant labor in exchange for food and shelter.

But to blame the ones who were once told their endless labor of childcare, housekeeping, and interpersonal comfort did not render them worthy of a vote, a credit report, inheritance, (or more recently that they don’t know valuable leadership skills or aren’t qualified for public leadership) does not really sit well.

If you’re not already engaged in it, may I suggest that the disciplines and methods of systemic power analysis would really be interesting for you?

Unfiltered – Why Regulations

This is the first of a new category of posts I’m going to share: Rants on Facebook which should be longer and more thought out, but which are cathartic to me.  I’ll call these “Unfiltered & Unedited.”

Government regulations exist to balance the playing field between an individual of negligible net wealth, or net work of even 1 million, and a BILLION dollar corporation. The fact that the wealthy have (again) corrupted the system beyond all recognition does not mean regulations are bad. It means we need reform, transparency, and objective experts (i.e. listen to the freaking CBO).

Stop pretending that a-greed centered system will result in anything other and exploitation. That was always their lie to placate the consciences of the politicians they were buying.