Temp-LogoHi! This is my sporadically updated blog, portfolio and vanity project.  When I’m not working to make the world a little better, I enjoy reading politics and world affairs and making extremely opinionated comments about, well, everything.  That’s why I have this blog.  But I also enjoy gardening, walking, swimming, playing with my adorable dogs, and reading just about any fiction I encounter, the more speculative the better.

I try and fit as many expressions of creativity as possible into my life, and this website is where I’m going to share this journey with the world.  Here, you’ll find blog posts, my photography portfolio, and other examples of the many things which pop up in my mind on a regular basis.


If you have questions or recommendations, please don’t hesitate to comment here and I’ll get back to you!


I’ve been asked, “why 42?”

Well, 42 is my favorite number (yes, nerd reference), and overly enthusiastic is my personal style.  If I’m honest, I have 42,000 ideas. but it’s easier to just remember “42” than “Audrey’s 42,000 Ideas” so, the URL is accessible, enthusiastic, and a little silly.  That’s a pretty good summary of me.

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