Take them down

Simply put, I support the removal of monuments to confederate history. I believe it’s OK to take down even statues of founders who were blemished people but generally regarded as doing more good than harm.

Because I think it’s important to distinguish between removing history and changing how we tell it.

Names on schools, Monuments, street names, and statues are not just there to remember history, but to teach what is worthy of admiration and imitation. The movement here in the US is going to feel like changing history for sure, because we want to tell the side of the story, the names of people who were forcibly silenced and intentionally ignored by school books.

Yes, people who advocate for these changes are trying to make a scary social change: one where being racist disqualifies a person from being a role model. One where we name schools and put up statues to people whom we hope our children will grow up to be like. Not discriminating. Not ignoring the indigenous people.

This is not about being offended or not, it’s about being honest about why we have monuments, and it is to describe heros. And racism, sexism, exploitation is nor heroic. Noticing the poor is. Fighting for equality is.

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