Autonomy And Workers

what it takes to do my job well: we don’t have a policy on “refunds” after an event. but a VERY RELIABLE and LONG TIME donor was overcharged by $10. he didn’t ASK For a refund, just wanted me to know of the overcharge, so I refunded him, as a GOOD FAITH expression of his relationship to the organization. I didn’t think to ask until afterwards, but DID inform my supervisor.

…Having that kind of authority to make decisions is LITERALLY the difference between the ability to thinking strategically and not.

BY which i mean, if i’m worried or primarily engaged (emotionally OR rationally) in pleasing my superiors, than I’m NOT primarily engaged (mentally) in thinking “what will create the best results).

this may be why after a few years of very external facing roles, I fantasize about the simplicity of an internal operations / HR / leadership development role. Because I will not have to negotiate the necessary and yet often frustrations of pleasing both the hierarchies and the customers/clients.

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