Why I Don’t Write

Do it every day.  500 words.  or more.

Never stop.  Choose a prompt, relax.  Share what’s on your mind.

But words are power.  They are connection.

and I find that rather than letting them flow, I am so much safer when I bottle them up.  Or, for a tiny piece of relief I will speak out my thoughts, let them pass through a friend’s ears and disappear.  No accountability when it’s not written.

But, in truth, I have things to say. and I need to become strong enough to put them down.

So, I’m going to write, because it’s scary.  but it’s worse to think that in five, ten, fifteen years, I’ll have lost what is happening now simply because I was afraid I could not do it justice.

One thought on “Why I Don’t Write

  1. Amen! I was in your neck of the woods at the beginning of August but didn’t have time to look you up. Hope life is full yet satisfying.
    Birthday wishes as September approaches.


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