Why I’m With Her

I’ve been thinking about something a lot lately.

Why do I support Hillary?

Well, I’ll be honest, it’s for a lot of reasons. And I’m just going to cite commonly known things about her, not obscure research or the insider knowledge of party back rooms.

First, her values. In the 90’s she said “it takes a village.” I agree that the nuclear family is primary for raising children, but it is also stronger when supported by a healthy community that reinforces lessons, provides a safety net and offers additional connections to the broader world. H.Clinton has shown several times that she is willing to be corrected and learn.  See the badly racist “super predators” comment and her later regret and learning. ALSO see her stand on “gay” marriage.  We might argue about her timing, but willingness to learn and change is a value I will defend every day.  On a daily basis, we work on the information we have, and my respect is MUCH greater for people who are willing to change than those who stick  stubbornly in spite of changing revelations.   Finally, she has a compassion for those who are struggling which manifests in policy solutions.

Where her foreign policy is too hawkish for some, and frighteningly wishy-washy to others, I see a moderate position that angers all extremes.  Yet she does not that these positions to avoid making a stand, but rather to live out her vision of a better world.

and she works in coalitions (aka, she’s too moderate for me, but knows how to get things done in the political morass of D.C.).

I’ve voting for her because you can’t prove a negative, but Whitewater, Bengazi, email Server, DNC leaks, Rose Law files, released tax returns, and 25 years of the most extensive scrutiny EVER has failed to bring up any evidence of criminal activity. You can’t prove a negative, but I’m convinced that if she WERE truly corrupt, the magnifying glass that she lives under would have found it rather than finding only evidence of humanity and the occasional lapse in judgement (private server, REALLY? COME ON).

Can you honestly say your life would stand up to that kind of scrutiny? I’ve written a few tactless emails that were more harsh than ANYTHING in the dnc leaks. I have said things that I honestly beleived that turned out false.

So, honestly, at the end of the day, I’m voting for her because I believe she is eminently qualified, capable and a good person.   And it doesn’t hurt that she is a woman so I’m pretty sure she’s been working twice as hard to get here.

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