No Such Thing As Neutral

So, this is why I get irritated when we just focus on a singular behavior, person or event. It’s extremely unlikely (impossible) that every one of the hiring managers in the GOP is racist. BUT it’s also entirely possible that our cultural racism, those underlying and unexamined assumptions will are not going to just fade away unless we acknowledge the PATTERNS and outcomes of otherwise justifiable or “race-neutral” decisions.
Sorry too tell you this folks, but in 2016, there’s no way to be race-neutral in life. You may decide to de-prioritize considerations of race and ending racism, but that is NOT a neutral position. It is the kind of decision that reinforces existing lines of power and hierarchy – thus putting down people of color, and especially African American people. Your intention? it matters, but it matters less than the impact of your decisions.
Which of these pictures do YOU want to be part of?

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