Fair? Not Really.

Do not let them deceive you. RULES (laws, etc.) are not written with fairness/justice as the only purpose. They are written to give the appearance of fairness/justice in order to maintain a social order which is beneficial to those who are doing the writing.
Loitering laws? created to ensure that the wealthy can kick “undesirable” people out of public spaces.
Jurisdictions? created (in the UMC) so white people could pretend to live in a racially inclusive church while still seeing only white people on Sunday mornings and at their happy annual meetings.
School Districts? created so wealthy people could ensure their kids get the BEST schools by funding through property taxes. OH, and the rise in neighborhood schools? directly in rejection to the bussing model of integration.
Murder? surely that’s a clear one! Except if the person doing the killing is sanctioned by the government. Or protecting their own property (and white) or driving a car drunk but powerful enough to hire great legal counsel.
Rape? much higher chance of arrest and conviction when the rapist is lower on the social-power scale than the victim.
And let’s be honest. There is a social power scale. It’s complex, and absolutely not one-dimensional. BUT it exists. White > all other races/peoples (with all others being > Black). English >>>Spanish. English > most other languages. Men/Mascuiline > women/feminine. and $ >>>>>> …
So, stop it. stop pretending that some kind of “reverse discrimination” exists outside of the prevailing social power scale. Stop pretending that laws are enforced equally. STOP lying to yourself and others that you believe in justice, when what you really like is the status quo.

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